5mg Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Blue Dream)

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Delta-9 5mg Live Rosin Gummies + CBD (Blue Dream) (80/20 Sativa)

Included / Specs
  • 10x live rosin + CBD 5mg Gummies
  • Vegan and gluten-free

5mg THC and 5mg CBD infused in each gummy.

Rich in natural compounds, live rosin is a golden sap pressed from bubble hash made only with fresh, uncured hemp.

Herbal delight with fruity hints and faint orange zest will greet you with every chew. Each confection comes infused with 5mg THC, 5mg CBD, and a touch of live rosin for pleasant synergy.

Like all of our other gummies, these edibles are made with the infusion method, which offers greater flavor and cannabinoid consistency.

Live rosin inspired by Blue Dream (sativa).

In 2003, Blue Dream was just an up-and-coming strain in the Santa Cruz area. But with its fruity fragrance and sativa-dominant properties, it became a household name for cannabis enthusiasts.

As the years passed, this myrcene-heavy strain was eventually bred into hemp. And it's with this hemp that we crafted the live rosin found in these sweet, chewy confections.

*Effects may vary. Start with small amounts.

Natural (yet sweet) cannabis flavor and color.

Cannabis flavor? Yes. But cast your notions of bitterness aside. The perfect blend of herbal delight and confectionary sweetness is within every bite of these gourmet edibles.So sit back, start with a small amount, and experience this West Coast delight on any coast or no coast at all.

The exquisite taste and light, yellowish tinge owes itself to none other than Mother Nature and fine-tuned craft.

Plant-based bliss that's legal from coast to coast.

Our Blue Dream Live Rosin Gummies are Farm Bill compliant. That means the cannabinoids are 100% hemp-derived and the Delta-9 THC concentration is no greater than 0.3%.

So sit back, start with a small amount, and experience this West Coast delight from coast to coast.